Progress around the cidery is steady. I’m constantly reminded that I’m on other peoples schedules. Patience appears to be the name of the game.  Industrial space is few and far between so we’ve expanded our search to DC and other parts of Northern Virginia to find to optimal location.

Having been in discovery mode around recipe development for the next few weeks I’ll post about a specific apple varietal that we’ll be using to make Lost Boy Cider. This weeks apple is the Golden Russet. It’s amazing how complex the process can become when parting specific yeasts with apple variants. Very fun!

Golden Russet. (aroma/richness)

This apple adds a very distinct set of aroma characteristics as well as beautiful richness. As a single variety it lacks structure, but we find at about 30%-50% of the blend the cider will retain the aromatics of Golden Russet, specifically ripe melon and stone fruit. Sometimes peach, unripe peach, white peach, ripe peach or sometimes apricot. In addition to stone fruit, GR has a distinctive beeswax/tar/petrol quality.