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Questions Answered

We get a lot of them. Here are a few answers to some of the most popular ones.

No additives, no chemicals, no “natural flavors.” Ever.

Unpasteurized, unfiltered, sugar-free, using earth-grown ingredients.

Is your cider gluten free?

Yes, cider and apples is naturally gluten free. With the rare exception all of our creations are gluten free UNLESS specifically noted. A cider that could contain gluten might be aged in a bourbon barrel for instance, but this is not an offering Lost Boy provides. If you are Celiac or suffer from severe allergies feel free to speak with the tasting room staff prior to making a purchase.

Where do you source your apples?

All of our apples come from Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Some of original trees planted almost 200 years ago. The apples are pressed in Winchester Virginia and then we ship the juice to our fermenting facility in Old Town Alexandria using an old milk truck tanker which can hold about 4,500 gallons on each run.

What is "Dry Cider?"

Dry cider means all the sugar has been removed from the fermented juice during the fermentation process and when we’re creating alcohol. As the yeast consumes the natural sugars in the fresh juice the by product becomes gas and alcohol. The gas escapes out of the vented tops of our tanks and the alcohol drops to the bottom. During this phase of created you are able to either stop a fermentation or allow the yeast to completely consume all of the sugar in the juice. As a dry cider company our ciders go through complete fermentation and at the end there is no remaining sugar, or at least so little that it becomes un-measurable.

How many calories does your cider have?

We haven’t scientifically tested this but based on our internal calculations there is approximately 140cals per 12oz of our flagship ciders which include Comeback, Wingman, Hazy, & En Fuego

How much sugar is in your cider?

We are a dry cider company (mostly) and all of our flagship ciders are sugar free unless otherwise noted by the “RS” indicator which stands for Residual Sugar.

How many carbohydrates are in your ciders?

Flagships and dry ciders, approximately 5carbs/12oz. Non-sugar free, estimated 8-12carbs/12oz.

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