Our 6,000 sq. ft. facility, located in Old Town Alexandria combines the cellar, where we make all the cider, and our tasting room as one.

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Safety First

Our tables are safely distanced and televisions are fired up if you’re here for the game. Our 1,200 sq. ft. outdoor tent has good airflow to protect us from the elements and keep us safely distanced.

Our welcoming and judgment-free space is where we ferment, age, and package up the ciders we produce.

Welcome to the Taproom

With no restrictive barriers, between you and the cellar, you really began to feel like you might be able to make the cider yourself!

The unique floor plan was designed to be “open-air” and configured in a way that allows our customers to become part of the cellar with direct access to our tank farm and lab.

Weekly Draft

On any given day we’ll have 16 ciders on draft and a few more available in cans or bottles to take away.

Our menu changes quickly. Be sure to ask one of our Taproom Associates and the lastest editions.

Comeback Kid

0.0% RS | 6.9% ABV

Just Apples


0.0% RS | 6.9% ABV



0.0% RS | 6.9% ABV

Galaxy, Mosaic, Amarillo & Citra hops

En Fuego

0.0% RS | 6.9% ABV

House Blend of Hot Peppers

Thai Rope Walker

0.0% RS | 6.9% ABV

strawberry thai basil

Sake Cider

0.0% RS | 6.9% ABV

brown rice syrup and sake yeast

Starry Nights

2% RS | GF| 6.9% ABV

Starfruit and Chamomile

Plum Wild

0.0% RS | 6.9% ABV

Wild Fermented Plums

Chambourcin Maceration

0.0% RS | 6.9% ABV

grape pomace + cider

Wild Virginia

0.0% RS | 6.9% ABV

Albemarle Pippin, Arkansas Black, and golden russet apples

Andre the Giant

0.0% RS | 6.9% ABV

Petillant Naturel

Farmhouse Collaboration

0.0% RS | 6.9% ABV

A blend of 1-2 year aged cider with Lost Boy Cider and Old Town Cidery Collaboration

Take it Sloe-Cocktail

0.0% RS | 5% ABV

Cider, Sloeberries, Gin Botanicals, Mugwort and Hickory Smoke

Wine Time

0.0% RS | 5% ABV

Wine Grapes


12% RS | 0.0% ABV

Carbonated Apple Cider, kid friendly, UNPASTEURIZED (do not consume if pregnant) | Kid-Size, Tulip (12oz), Pint (16oz)

2.0% RS | 6.9% ABV

Hot Berry Hop - 5/3

2.0% RS | 6.9% ABV

cherry, cranberry, chipotle peppers, sage, and hops

Flower Power 5/10

2.0% RS | 6.9% ABV

rose, lavender, chamomile, elderflower, hibiscus

Green Lightning 5/24

2.0% RS | 6.9% ABV

Cucumber and Hot peppers

Red White and Blueberry 5/29

2.0% RS | 6.9% ABV

Raspberry, Blueberry, and Coconut milk

Tasting Room Hours

Enjoy Lost Boy Cider in our spacious taproom!


Closed for private events


3-9 PM


3-10 PM


12-10 PM


12-9 PM

Federal Holidays (Monday's)


Our Ciders

Curbside Pickup Hours

Enjoy Lost Boy Cider in the comforts of your own home!


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3-9 PM


12-10 PM


12-10 PM


12-9:00 PM

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Kid Rules

  • All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied / supervised by an adult at all times. No exceptions
  • Nobody under the age of 21 may sit at the bar at any time
  • No running permitted
  • No excessive screaming or yelling
  • Safety first… there is to be no climbing and no touching equipment
  • Neither children nor adults are allowed behind the bar. It is dangerous and illegal
  • Neither children nor adults are to open any door or go past any barrier that is marked EMPLOYEES ONLY or DANGEROUS – DO NOT ENTER
  • Children under the age of 12 must drink out of plastic cups
  • Children walking around must have shoes on at all times

Dog Rules

  • If your dog is acting aggressively, you will be asked to leave immediately. ZERO TOLERANCE
  • You must brush and de-shed your dog before arriving. Please no clumps left behind
  • Dogs must be licensed and vaccinated; must be able to provide documentation upon request
  • No excessive barking; you may be asked to leave. Up to management’s discretion
  • Dog waste is not permitted; you may be asked to leave
  • Dogs must remain on leash and accompanied by a human at all times
  • No cider or food consumption for dogs allowed
  • No grooming of dogs allowed
  • Two dogs max per group
  • No wet dogs allowed