Last week my friend Scott invited me out to his shop, Seattle Cider. Scott’s a humble guy so you wouldn’t know he’s the head cider maker there, you wouldn’t know he’s a serious pro at problem solving, and you wouldn’t know he’s surrounded himself with a team as solid as granite unless you spend a few days with them. What an experience. I owe a very special thank you to Scott and the good folks at Seattle Cider. If you ever have a chance to try their stuff, please do. It’s amazingly smooth and tasty.

I love the pacific Northwest. Each time I arrive the lure of the ocean air and the fresh scent of evergreen fill me up with positive energy and give me sense of belonging. It’s one of the truest feelings I have in life.

It was a short trip but a necessary one. Early mornings and late nights led to a truly awesome experience. I didn’t do much sightseeing but I did take a quick hike to the coast after work one day to feel that salty fresh air I mentioned. Soooo goooood!

I’m back now and armed with more knowledge than I know what to do with. Highlights of the trip included solving some serious problems like having an Italian made pump get eaten by caustic and cider during peak production hours, moving very large, heavy, and dangerous tanks, receiving and pumping out 8,500 gallons of fresh PNW apple juice, and of course trying some excellent cider.

If you do find yourself in Seattle surely go to Seattle Cider’s tap room. I would also recommend a music filled evening at Capitol Cider and Colin Shilling’s tap room in Fremont is worth a stop with 30 ciders on tap from around the country.


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