So we’re at the end of April and there’s a lot going on. This week brings some potentially interesting milestones. We’re zeroing in on a locations and finalizing logos. More to come on that soon. With so much to do I’m wondering how it will all get done. But then my instincts kick back in and take over. At this point what I do know is this has been so much fun and the energy around the project is contagious. It’s truly been a new feeling to experience.  Once the location is locked down I’ll be entering execution mode. One of the best things that’s taken place was crossing paths with Nick Gunn while in class at Oregon State who is advising me on the cidery. Nick founded and ran Wandering Aengus for 12 years, Oregon’s 2nd largest cidery. He’s an all around solid guy and I’m glad to have him on board.


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