**Lost Boy Cider: Navigating Change and Embracing Growth**

As the amber hues of autumn settle in, we at Lost Boy Cider are taking a moment to reflect on the year so far. We’ve weathered challenges and embraced new opportunities, and as the season shifts, we’re eager to share some exciting updates with our community.

**A Renaissance in our Tasting Room**

After a challenging winter and early spring, there’s a renewed buzz in our cidery tasting room. We’ve witnessed heartwarming signs of people returning, and with them, a very welcomed surge in revenue. The clinking of glasses and the chatter of our patrons have brought life and warmth back to our space.

**A Partnership to Propel Growth**

In August, we embarked on a promising new journey with our distribution partner, Hop and Wine. Their unparalleled support is steering our growth not just in DC but throughout Virginia. The early results? A remarkable uptick in placements! Collaborating with the dedicated Hop delivery and sales team has been both fruitful and enjoyable.

**Welcoming Morgan to the Family**

To amplify our operations and support our new distribution model, we’re thrilled to introduce our full-time cellar assistant, Morgan. With her rich experience as a brewer and cider maker, she’s poised to offer immense support to Dave and Tegan. From keg washing and weekly cider releases to managing the canning line, Morgan is gearing up to become an invaluable asset to our team.

**New Cider on the Block**

Our passion for crafting unique ciders remains unabated. We’re proud to unveil our latest Explorer Series: Bourbon Barrel. A nod to the changing seasons, it’s light bodied and captures the essence of fall. The use of fresh oak in the brewing process adds a delightful touch that you won’t want to miss.

**Events Galore with Alyson’s Program**

Our event footprint is expanding! Thanks to Alyson’s relentless efforts, we’re making waves across DC and northern Virginia. From tastings and festivals to customized events, our calendar is bustling. Interested in hosting an event? Whether on-site or off, we’re ready to bring the Lost Boy experience to you.

**In-House Canning Line Revolution**

A word from Dave on our production line: We’re upping our game. Custom parts sourced from around the globe are being integrated into our canning line. Set to be operational this fall, this upgrade will allow us to exert further control over the quality and packaging process, ensuring that our patrons receive only the freshest cider.

**Team Updates: Farewells and New Beginnings**

Life, as it often does, brings change. While we’re thrilled about Kristie embarking on the beautiful journey of motherhood (and taking maternity leave in December), we’re also bidding adieu to some key members. Bethany, Thomas, and Ryan, your contributions have been invaluable, and you’ll be deeply missed.

**A Note on our Tent**

Lastly, due to fire code stipulations, our tent will be taking a brief hiatus. But fret not! It will make its grand return come late spring, ready to welcome all.

In this season of gratitude, we remain thankful for our community’s continued support. Here’s to shared glasses of cider, laughter, and a future filled with promise at Lost Boy Cider.