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Whatever you think you know about cider is about to change, we promise. When we started this journey, it became clear how misunderstood cider is. Our ciders are made from real apples and natural ingredients, always. Our fermentation process ensures nearly all of the apple’s residual sugar is gone by the time it hits your glass which will make your body happy.

Our amazing co-fermented ciders are made using modern apples and all-natural ingredients like hops, cranberries, pineapple, and whole spices. They are truly special. Oh, and if you’re feeling fancy you will love our line of Cellar Series of ciders which combine heirloom apples, barrel aging, and unique processes like in-bottle fermentation. Cheers!
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"Our amazing co-fermented ciders are made using modern apples and all-natural ingredients like hops, cranberries, pineapple, and whole spices."

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Unique experience here. Cider flights are good. There's no bar food, but food trucks alternate, and just hope you like what is on offer. Trivia is really fun. It's extremely dog friendly, and that's brilliant. Be sure to eat before you go just in case, or bring food.
Lost Boy is my favorite spot in Alexandria! You won’t find any other ciders like theirs, not too sweet and they always have so many fun and rotating flavors. The staff are all incredible and friendly, and they always have great recommendations. My fiancé and I love them so much that we’re having our wedding reception here.

They also host lots of other community events that support local, small businesses and they have a pretty good variety of food trucks at the cidery.

UPDATE (4/7/24): My husband and I had our wedding reception at Lost Boy Cider on 4/2, and they truly made it so magical and special for us. From working with us every step of the way to ensure our vision came to life to developing a custom cider for us to bringing everything to life on the day, they were absolutely fabulous to work with! You really went above and beyond to make us feel so loved by the LBC family. Thank you SO much! Our guests had a blast and commented on how magical everything looked and how amazing the cider was. We are so lucky to have friends like you! ❤️
Decided that I am not a Cider Guy. Lost Boy Cider has a very good atmosphere (love that they let friendly dogs come on to the establishment) and a good staff but after a third visit (our boys like the Ciders) I decided I prefer Breweries and Wineries over a Cider place. Interesting variety of ciders but honestly, they all tasted pretty much the same, except for the one with habaneros, or some kind of pepper infusion. Taste more like a sparkling water or seltzer to me than any other cider I've tasted before. They all lacked any kind of sweetness and bordered on overly sour or tart. Probably won't be back again. The Food Truck during this last visit was really good though. The Shawarma was tops.

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