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Whatever you think you know about cider is about to change, we promise. When we started this journey, it became clear how misunderstood cider is. Our ciders are made from real apples and natural ingredients, always. Our fermentation process ensures nearly all of the apple’s residual sugar is gone by the time it hits your glass which will make your body happy.

Our amazing co-fermented ciders are made using modern apples and all-natural ingredients like hops, cranberries, pineapple, and whole spices. They are truly special. Oh, and if you’re feeling fancy you will love our line of Cellar Series of ciders which combine heirloom apples, barrel aging, and unique processes like in-bottle fermentation. Cheers!
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"Our amazing co-fermented ciders are made using modern apples and all-natural ingredients like hops, cranberries, pineapple, and whole spices."

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When you're done with the Frustrated Apple Trees, or the Mighty Arrow Shooter, the Card Deck Cider, or the Beaver Hard Cider (look up the top brands since I should not name them) and you're looking fore something truly genuine and complex, go to Lost Boy! This place is the kind of tucked away wonder which will make you feel like an Alexandria insider every time you visit!

Let me start with the location. It's well off the beaten path - in that you do not just stumble on the place! You have to mean to go if you end up going. That adds to the joy of visiting. It's not in a high traffic area so patrons are genuine fans of great cider and quality service.

Next, let's talk about that service. I have been a handful of times. From my fist visit, to a visit when torrential rain had the place flooding like they were serving on the main deck of the Titanic, to Sunday run club mornings. In each instance the staff was kind and knowledgeable about both the cider and their customers. It's like visiting a cidery where everyone knows who you are even if its you're first visit.

Then there's the cider. If you're done with brands swinging between the cloyingly sweet and the slap you in the face dry styles you'll appreciate the variety and depth of the cider at Lost Boy. Their ciders are decidedly unsweet but noticeably flavor forward. Still, if you're looking for sweetness and depth their ice wine ciders have you covered!

Finally, if you want to know for a fact that the place you're visiting is genuinely good, look no further than the apple trees along the curb right along slide Lost Boy. Make sure to visit in the summer, grab a cider, and pick an apple on your way out for one last nod to just how pure and perfect a visit you had with these wonderful folks!
Great selection of unique ciders, love that they have flights so you can try a bunch.
The trivia on Thursday night is great! It’s a fun spot and they have a rotating special brew that is fun to try! The food truck did get super busy during trivia. But it was a lot of fun and great place to hang out with friends!!
Lots of Cider to choose from that is very unique. The owner and staff were very friendly

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